The Most Effective Types of Radio Advertising Examples for Your Business


Technological advances in recent years have not only allowed for marketers to be more creative with radio advertising examples, but have also spurred the growth of digital radio, creating more opportunities for radio advertising than ever before. In addition to FM and AM radio stations, there are now countless digital radio media outlets that businesses can utilize to spread their word. There are several different radio advertising examples you can use to reach both new and long-term audiences.

How to Select a Radio Advertisement Style

Listen to the radio (both FM and digital) for a one to two hours each day. Note the different types of radio advertisement examples you hear. Then, consider your target audience and the key marketing goals you’d like to achieve with this audience. Is your aim to increase brand awareness? Promote a special offer? Educate potential customers on a specific topic? Also spend some time outlining a budget. Different radio advertisement examples work best at certain times of the day, or on specific stations, and this will affect how much you end up paying.


Sponsorship of a Radio Show or Segment

A sponsored radio advertisement is an ongoing, repeating ad spot that accompanies a segment, or the intro or outro of an entire show. This style of advertising provides brand awareness through continuity, repetition, and positive association. It’s a great way to ensure your message sticks in customer’s minds. This is also a popular option for podcasts. Since podcasts are becoming an increasingly main-stream digital media outlet, podcast sponsorship could be a perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy, especially as it pairs well with other digital marketing techniques like re-targeting campaigns and email marketing.

Host Endorsements

Endorsements from a popular and trusted radio host can help build loyalty and relationships with local audiences. This style of radio advertisement is particularly popular for businesses that are looking to market their services to local audiences. Spas, restaurants, medical clinics, and other locally-provided services can all benefit from the familiarity and trust communicated through a well-known radio host. Since these ads are typically done in a “live read” fashion, they sound more casual and less commercial than advertisements produced in a studio.

Comedic Radio Advertisements

Funny radio ads can be memorable, but when done wrong, they completely miss the mark. Since humor is subjective, creating a humorous radio ad requires you to either have excellent copy and production, or, to create an ad that is targeted to an audience who will appreciate your vision. If you’ve had success with humor on other platforms like TV commercials or social media ads, you may have success translating that into a radio ad. However, if you’re unsure on the right direction, it’s wise to explore other routes.

Catchy Jingle Ads

The power of the jingle is lasting. Chances are that if asked, you’d be able to repeat some of the jingles you heard on the radio this week, or even ones your heard as a child. Radio jingle ads are catchy, and often designed to play several times a day. The repetition and appeal of the jingle are key to the success of these ads. This type of radio advertising works well for increasing brand recognition and building brand loyalty.

Whichever type of radio advertisement you choose, be sure to work with a digital media communication company that has experience in the field. They’ll ensure you get the best ad placement for your budget, and will provide valuable guidance on what works and what doesn’t for your target audiences.