Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM / Pay Per Click)

We realize that reaching your target audience and lead generation goals requires using any and all online medias including: Google, Bing, Facebook, Right Media, Superpages, etc. while also utilizing marketing methods including: search, display, mobile, remarketing and local listings etc. Our goal is to tailor an online marketing strategy that fits your business needs. We offer a specialized division that helps our clients define, execute and manage all their internet marketing and e-commerce strategies. The technology used allows all our clients’ dollars to be tracked and improved on a daily basis to accommodate the online search trends that will best benefit them from a lead generation standpoint. This maximizes your marketing dollars and unites your online presence into one cohesive message.

Although there is research to show that consumers online search habits favor organic searches over paid ones, there are definite benefits to PPC campaigns. In order to have full exposure online, your SEM and SEO need to be working together, however SEO can take months to build while SEM campaigns can begin within days of keyword optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over the years, as webmasters, browsers and web engineers have become more sophisticated, so have the algorithms that Google and other search engines use to determine site rankings and relevancy for keyword searches. In fact, these algorithms are updated regularly and are increasingly placing more emphasis on details that have little to do with traditional SEO, such as:

  • Content quality and authority
  • Author and brand expertise
  • Credibility and authenticity of inbound links
  • Site trustworthiness
  • Site usability
  • Page load time
  • Social media signals
  • Customer communication & follow-up

“There have been so many shifts that traditional, stand alone SEO services just don’t deliver results anymore.” ~Jessica Jones, Founding Partner/Executive Director

Instead of offering “SEO services” or attempting to a la carte each component of your digital marketing, we offer Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns or what is commonly known as “Inbound Marketing”. This is traditional optimizations coupled with a done-for-you service that creates and manages all of the collateral and points of presence required for your brand to secure themselves as a 5-star authority in your space.

Results-driven Integrated Marketing Campaigns include:

  • Content & Presence Management strategy (Editorial Calendar)
  • Copywriting – articles, blogs, ebooks, newsletter, whitepapers
  • Email – follow-up and newsletters
  • Videos – optimized for search
  • Webinars
  • Social Media platforms
  • Content syndication and online PR strategies
  • Done-for-you online marketing management

Direct response philosophy is woven through everything we do.

Our SEO optimized digital marketing campaigns develop content that:

  • Attracts quality search leads from Google and other major search engines
  • Speaks directly to the needs of the audience
  • Conveys core brand messages
  • Targets buyer personas
  • Is optimized for search and user experience
  • Motivates visitors to take action
  • Captures and nurtures leads

“The ‘new SEO’ is when traditional, web and social media are harmonized into an integrated communications plan that organically and systemically attracts new leads to you everyday.” ~Conrad Flynn, Chief Digital Marketing Strategist