Radio Promotions

Long Form Radio

Similar to television, Long-form infomercials (30 minutes) are also produced for radio. These infomercials are often formatted like talk radio-with hosts, guests and callers. Radio infomercials can be cost effective and successful if done correctly. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and the buying costs are significantly less than those of television. These radio infomercials can also be produced more quickly and can launch in a shorter period of time. This option can be a perfect fit as a building block and start up to a direct response campaign. Radio long form infomercials are perfect building blocks for categories that work in a talk show format.

Radio Syndication

If an advertiser has a unique program or message that they want to syndicate and bring to the national community, there are many tips to consider.  You want to make sure that you have the technical skills or resources at your disposal in order to upload necessary audio, edit audio, have proper mic skills and interview competencies.  An advertiser also wants to do their research on all the radio stations available and make sure that they have the proper time and financial resources to seek proper distribution.