The rise of digital radio, social media, and digital advertising have given radio stations a unique advantage when it comes to designing and deploying marketing strategies for today’s consumers. Digital tracking, clickable ads, and social media platforms allow radio stations to promote their message, or their sponsor’s message, in a way that’s more direct and creative than ever. Interactive social media campaigns, search engine optimization, digital lead generation, and text and email campaigns are all great marketing strategy options that radio stations can take advantage of.


Run Interactive Social Media Campaigns


Radio stations could be considered one of the earlier forms of social media. Audiences were encouraged to call in, enter contests, comment on the news of the day, and listen communally to the weekly chart countdown. Social media platforms have simply become an extension of the inherently social aspect of radio stations. Through the use of social media, radio stations can increase the size and scale of their interactive campaigns with hashtags, photo tagging, events, likes, and re-posts. The opportunities to translate an on-air announcement to an online campaign are endless. Listeners can engage with your marketing strategy by commenting on posts, tagging, sharing playlists, competing in caption competitions, re-posting your content, and more. Radio stations can also tap into their local demographic to run successful campaigns that promote businesses or other local events in the area.



Improve SEO through Website Updates


Search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve the chances that a user will find your website while running an online search. One of the best ways to improve a website’s SEO is through consistent, high-quality updates to website content. Because radio stations already write and curate national news, local announcements, weather, and song lists on a daily basis, they have access to a large quantity of high-quality content that can be added to their website. These daily updates can translate to very strong SEO if executed correctly. Furthermore, a great website with frequently updated content can be used to leverage existing social media campaigns or other marketing strategies in place.



Generate Leads Through Web Ads & Web Forms

Digital lead generation is the process of collecting emails, phone numbers, or IP address of people who have shown an interest in your product or service by clicking or filling out a form. These individuals can then be contacted in the future with customized offers and advertisements that are often more successful than generic ads. Consequently, these leads are an invaluable aspect to any successful marketing strategy. Digital radio stations (and FM stations with a digital presence) can generate leads through contests, web banners, web ads, and phone and text campaigns. In addition, digital radio players now can host web banners and other advertisements that listeners can click on while an ad plays.

Reach Listeners Through Text Message & Email Marketing

Text message and email marketing are two of the strongest forms of direct contact with a potential customer. Several radio stations run social media contests and collect email addresses and phone numbers. Depending upon the legal terms of this interaction, the radio station will most likely be authorized to send emails or text messages to those individuals who have chosen to share their contact information. Email marketing can be used for several different types of campaigns, but it must be used strategically or else the audience will lose interest and unsubscribe fast.

From lead generation to text messages, there are several emerging marketing strategies that radio stations can use to promote their brand and share the messages of their sponsor. For a more detailed look at how your radio station can optimize your campaigns, try contacting a digital media communications specialist and explore your options.