Live Events

Trade Shows and Conferences

trade show live event

A trade show or conference validates your reputation as an expert in your field or industry and utilizes guests, sponsors and vendors to subsidize a large scale, localized media push, while providing additional revenue for your organization.  It brings together other vendors or service providers within your industry and gives you an opportunity to create cooperative relationships with those entities.  It also establishes you as the leader in your industry, bringing these entities together for the benefit of your target audience.  It draws your target market into a relevant event, and gives you an opportunity to present your message, to a targeted demographic, creating valuable leads.

Networking and other Professional Events

Networking and other professional events can help establish and secure your reputation as an expert in your industry while providing you with targeted leads and additional community relations exposure and opportunities.

Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Teaming up with a nonprofit organization that fits your marketing plan can provide an incredible PR opportunity!  Reaching out to your target market and showing that you care about the causes that they care about, creates a relationship with your customer that goes beyond the traditional retail provider/customer relationship.  It creates trust and loyalty for your brand.

Political Fundraising Events

Whether it be a campaign for a ballot initiative or an individual candidate’s run for political office, Rainstorm goes beyond the traditional political fundraising efforts.  We work closely with your campaign staffers and pollsters to make sure you are reaching the donors that are most likely to fund your campaign.