Jessica discusses the personal relationship that is developed between the listener and radio station, explaining the bonds we form with a personality and what a P1 listener is.



Yeah. Every studies that’s ever been done shows that people develop a definitive relationship with their radio station. You know, they feel like the personalities that they listen too are their friends. And it’s been proven time and time again that a personnel… if somebody is advertising in the area where radio personality is on the air and it’s that person’s personality, they feel like that advertiser is speaking directly to them. And they feel that there’s an endorsement implication even if the personality isn’t voicing the spot. They feel that if a radio… if a spot is airing in that personality show, it’s an implied acceptance of that advertiser by the personality and so, they develop this bonds. Now people still listen to about five different radio stations a week, that’s the average that a normal person surfs the dial. But they still are highly bonded with their preferred stations. So there’s, you know one station is always a preferred station for any listener and the called that the P1 listener.