Here, Jessica talks about the impact of Internet radio on advertisers and the agency industry.  Many advertisers will be surprised to learn, those impacts are probably not what you think. Through the adoption of  technology that enables people to listen to their favorite radio stations or favorite music in more locations – advertisers and their agencies have MORE access to consumers – not less.


Video Transcript:

You know it’s just another version of radio.

Yes, is there a younger component that’s tuning in online? Just as there is some older component that is tuning in online.

I go back to, you know when television was introduced everyone said, “Oh, it’s the death of radio”.  But the reality is, it’s just another way of getting music and when Apple for example, I believe it was Apple, did some research on where kids are hearing songs that they’re downloading, they’re still first hearing it on terrestrial radio.

Radio is still a factor, terrestrial radio is still something that is very viable. But online radio is still, you know it’s something that I include in my media plans and there’s definitely strong implications to being able to reach people there as well. It’s a different – it’s a different way of reaching people, so for example if in your office, you’re not able to get a signal from a radio station… people are still often streaming their favorite radio station online. And so, it’s just a different channel to reach them on.

Ever since the introduction of television, the demise of radio has been, you know everybody is saying, “Oh, this is going to be the end of radio, this is going to be the end of radio” and yet radio continues to be ubiquitous.  It travels with people, it’s available in stores and online and it surrounds the listener.  It’s available at point of purchase, so that as people are pulling up to a mall they’re hearing a spot about a certain store and it says to them, “Oh, you know I wasn’t thinking about this store, but I’ll stop in now that I know they’re having a sale”…  radio continues to reach over 90% of everybody in America in any given week. So it is, definitely the media that reaches more Americans than any other media.