1. Bad Tracking Numbers

Out loud, say “673-459-2948.”  Then say, “800-455-6060.”  Which is easier to remember? Do yourself and your bottom line a favor by choosing 800 numbers (if you can afford them) or pick the easiest repeater numbers
you can find to ensure a strong response.  Not only is it important to pick easy numbers for your ads, but they must be repeated if you are using a audio medium, and they must stand out if you are using an print medium.  If you fail at this, you can kiss your DR campaign GOODBYE.

2. Easily misspelled URLs.

If there is a proper name in your URL or it’s a long url in general, it becomes easier for a prospect to forget or misspell it online.  These leads than become lost.  And the worst truth I can share – these leads (that you are paying for) are probably visiting a competitor’s website.  I know that all small business owners will agree that you don’t want to pay for leads that competitors monetize.  So, choose urls carefully and if you cannot avoid long or easily misspelled words, buy the possible misspelled variations as well. (ie: ww.doctorphillips, www.drphillips, www.doctorphilips, www.twodaystolose, www.2daystolose).

3. No repetition.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying Radio, T.V. or mailing out postcards, if you fail to repeat the action and create a consistent campaign for the audience to see and hear your message at least 3-6 times per month, you will not get the maximum response that you desire.

4. Failure to establish a trust agent.

Etrade babyThis is part branding, part direct response and a great example of how they work together.  Consumers buy emotionally.  When you decide to make purchases from an emotional state, you tend to prefer buying from someone or something that you “know, like and trust.”  This is what we like to call a “trust agent.” So for example, it could be Danica Patrick (GoDaddy)
or the talking baby (ETrade commercials).  Celebrities, Company owners, Talking animals – they could all fall into this category.  The importance is that you build a trust agent for consumers to relate to and like.

5. No Call to Action (CTA)? No response.

Just like I learned in Sales 101,  if you don’t ask for the sale, don’t expect to sell anything.  In advertising, this is your CTA.  “Call now and redeem your 15%,” or “Call within the next hour and get X for free.” Ask for your sale, and give incentive to the prospect to call or visit your website (whichever the goal is).  Without this, response will be disappointing.